Competitive Price and Quality
Customer-oriented Service
Pioneering Spirit to Problem-solve
Constant Innovation and Growth

Technology creates new possibilities.

Especially during such fast-changing and turbulent times that we live in.

Automation and robotics through technological breakthrough, have become essential tools for success. Since long ago, large companies have already adopted and implemented them in order to maximize productivity, reduce labor costs and defect rates, which served as competitive advantage in domestic and international markets.

TEO firmly believes that small and medium-sized enterprises that play pivotal roles in the national economy can, and should, also have the same competitiveness through the use of advanced technology. We provide competitive price, excellent quality, and customer-oriented service. By providing the right solutions at the right time, we will be with you every step of the way. At large, our company envisions itself to lead the world of automation and robotics, with strong determination for constant innovation and pioneering spirit to take care of your problems, big or small, presented to us.


With 3 merits, your business process will be enhanced.


The cost of installing a robot automation, CA$ 55,000 as well as the initial installation cost can be recovered in less than 10 months considering the day and night shifts of labour (versus 24 hour run by robot).


Increase productivity with robot automation, combat labour-related issues, improve product quality, reduce defect rate, and increase profit by reduced sales price!


When changing the lines of production, the customized machines are to be discarded, while the robots can be reused. Simply install them accordingly to the new flow-chart, at a minimum cost of reconfiguration